Date with an Amazon?

Sure, comic-books were filled with advertisements aimed at 98 lb weaklings, craven cowards and even wallflowers with two left feet, but what about the vertically challenged? Is your lack of stature holding you back? Are you finding that you may not measure up? Is that gorgeous gal at the dance ignoring a hole through you? Well, LIFTEE HEIGHT INCREASE PADS are just what you’re looking for. Two bucks will get you two towering inches!

SHIELD NO 5The ad for the “lifts” appeared in a battered copy of Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD No. 5 published by Marvel Comics in 1968. The comic was one of many James Bond knockoffs being produced throughout the 1960s. This particular issue looks to be tapping into the zeitgeist of the era with a psychedelic cover that looks like it would be more at home at a head shop than in the spinning rack at a corner store. The art is by the legendary Jim Steranko who was making a big splash at the time in comics. He was the reason to pick up this particular 007 imitation. A buddy of mine picked up a number of old comics like these at a decent price due to their poor condition. He let me leaf through these old issues and I marveled at these old Marvels. Steranko was great! Kids got a lot for a mere 12¢ back then!

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2 Responses to Date with an Amazon?

  1. Old NFO says:

    There were a lot of ‘sucker’ ads pointed at kids/teens…

  2. Joe says:

    I call it the getting of wisdom.

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