A French Girl Makes Manicotti

A week before Christmas, our neighbor Arlene gifts us with these magnificent oblong pillows stuffed with cheese, and individually rolled up in wax paper. They’re stored in the freezer, along with a loaf of Sarcone’s bread – awaiting a night when I have no time or energy to make dinner. It’s the best gift!

Making manicotti has been on my “things I want to make” list for a long time and have successfully avoided doing until now. I don’t know why – it’s pretty easy if you make the crepes one day and stuff them the next. This recipe makes enough to freeze for a future dinner. Take the plunge and serve with some No-Knead BreadContinue reading

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Sunday Funnies

Monkey & Bird Web Comic

Monkey & Bird Web Comic by Joe Williams & Tina Garceau

Now you can enjoy the adventures of Mickey the Monkey and Sylvia the Bird in a mobile device friendly format right here at Willceau Illo News! Read it HERE!

Like what you see? Let us know about it in the comments below.

Are you interested in a printed, mini-comic version? Let us know through our Contact Page.


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The Capewells

Capewell familyIt seems like the Capewells are getting a lot of attention over at the Facebook page for the collection. That’s the wonderful thing about the internet. Sure there is a lot of click-bait and useless Top Ten lists, but a lot of it is like an infinite curio shop. There is something of interest in there and none of the merchandise is stale. There is always something new to somebody. That seems to be case with this collection of glass negatives that fell into my possession. I ran the 200 negatives once a week on my website until I ran out. Along the way, pieces of the story fell into place thanks to readers and names were matched to faces. It was a nice run.

If you’re curious, you can find my original articles here. The Facebook Page for the collection can be found here. If you wish, you can comment at the bottom of this post, on Facebook or through our contact page.

Thank you for your continued interest.

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Peppers & Eggs

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Flash in the Pan

butcher shop

Pink Zeppelin ponders dinner in my developing Atomic Warrior comic.

More sketching and watching trash. This time thanks to the fantastic Plex App on my Roku box I am catching up on episodes of The Flash. I mainly thought of Plex as a means of streaming one’s own media, but it has a selection of channels where you can watch  the latest television shows without commercials and absolutely free of charge. Eat that, Hulu! Continue reading

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Looking South – Cappuccio’s Meats


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In Japan the Hand Can Be Used Like a Knife

Being that my inexpensive but beloved Sketchbook from Heaven will soon be exhausted, I needed to find a replacement. A small, landscape sketchpad roughly the same size was proving impossible to find. The only solution was to make my own!

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Carrot Raisin Bread

I adore this bread – it’s sweet, but not too sweet. Perfect with coffee in the morning, flecked with shredded carrots and dotted with raisins. It makes getting out of bed on these last cold days of winter bearable!

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Looking South – 10th Street Laundromat


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Sketching and Watching Trash

Friends ask me if I’ve seen the latest episode of such-and-such or gorged myself upon the latest streaming series. They’re usually terrified or at least concerned for my well being when I admit to the crap that I actually pipe through my Roku box.

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It’s Pi Day!

It’s National Pi Day, and to celebrate – I made French apple hand pies! For those who are unfamiliar, French apple pie is a combination of apples and raisins, with a glaze on top. These tiny pies can be eaten in about four bites – it’s like pie without the guilt!  Continue reading

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Monster Storm

According to the local weather channels, there is a “monster snow storm” headed our way. Salt was purchased, boots are lined up at the door, and the fridge is stocked. Plywood is resting up for the arduous task of sitting in the window to watch the snowflakes fall. Stay warm and safe everyone!

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Which One is Pink?

Pink Zeppelin This post is sort of an addendum to my earlier post. It’s the digital cherry on my analog sundae.

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Looking South – Bubbles Laundromat

Drop off service at 26th & Dickinson.

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