Rustic Apple Tart

A bag of apples, and the desire to make a little something sweet for dessert over the weekend, resulted in this rustic apple tart. It took roughly a half hour to assemble, an hour in the oven, and was heavenly served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!  Continue reading

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Waiting For Pizza

On Saturday mornings, the boy and I have our routine – we walk to 9th Street and shop for dinner. When we’re finished, we head to Lorenzo’s for pizza. It was Joe, who began shooting photos of Lloyd as a way to pass time while we were waiting for our slices. I took over the tradition of snapping a picture – at the counter, a table, or outside of the window, every week.

On Saturday, I was heartbroken to learn that George Vellios, owner of Lorenzo’s, had passed away. He made the best pizza in Philly, and was such a lovely man. George was part of my 9th Street “family” –  and the street won’t be the same without him. My heartfelt condolences to his family and employees, Godspeed George.

George Vellios is in the background on the right, doing what he’s done for decades.




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The Cat People Valentine Special

Rather than bury one another under a mountain of clutter, Tina and I make cards for each other. I think I have run the course of angry or ironic Cupids so I decided to go weird for this Valentine.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear Joe!



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Looking South – Handle With Care

More handmade sign love at Termini’s Bakery.


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Eagles’ Super Bowl Parade!

Fans lined up eight deep, to see their hometown heroes in a parade from Broad Street up to The Philadelphia Museum of Art yesterday. Congratulations Philadelphia Eagles!  Continue reading

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Looking South – Prepping for the Parade!



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Spaghetti Puttanesca

This is the greatest pasta dish ever, because it’s made from ingredients you can stock in your pantry. I like to call it “Snowbound Spaghetti” – canned crushed tomatoes, olive oil, capers, olives, anchovies, garlic, a pound of spaghetti – and you’ve got yourself a restaurant worthy meal. Just don’t plan on leftovers for the following day – there won’t be any!  Continue reading

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Congratulations Philadelphia Eagles!!!

Looks like we’re having a parade!!!


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Philadelphia Eagles – 9th Street Loves You!

The best of luck to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII!!!  Continue reading

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There’s One in Every Crowd

Doc, marching to the beat of his own drum!

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Looking South – Eagles Pep Rally on 9th Street

On Friday, three former members of the Philadelphia Eagles stopped by on 9th and Montrose for a meet and greet. David Akers, Irving Fryar, and Bill Bergey chatted with locals, posed for photos, and signed balls and jerseys.

Although I don’t follow football, I’m loving how excited people in the city are that their team will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday night. The folks that turned out yesterday were thrilled to meet these former players, and it was wonderful that they took time out to reconnect with their fans. I’ve got my fingers crossed – GO EAGLES!!!  Continue reading

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Collage – The Art of Conversation



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I Want My Polka Music TV!

When I purchased my first Roku about 8 years ago I quickly became convinced that it was the best $60 I had ever spent. The house I moved into in the mid-1990s was wired throughout it’s three floors for cable, but despite the constant barrage of junk mail, telemarketer calls and the occasional appearance of flesh-and-blood salesmen, my wife and I never saw the sense in signing up for a cable subscription. Before moving to that house, I had cable TV for years with an old roommate. I could take or leave cable, but the roommate thought it was as necessary as gas, water or electricity. Once the roommate and I parted ways, I ditched cable. It was sort of like escaping an over-priced, all-you-can-eat buffet that had lousy food and worse service. There was no point in getting back into a relationship with cable so the wife and I did without. We both worked second shift so we were never home for prime time. We relied on a steamer trunk partially filled with video cassettes of movies I had recorded when I still had cable. We would resort to rabbit ears occasionally. If we were desperate, we would head out to a video store which was a crap shoot and fairly pricey. As the decade drew to a close, I got a DVD player which led to subscribing to Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service which led to Netflix’s streaming service a few years later which lead to spending the best $60 I ever spent on the Roku. Continue reading

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