You No Canna Refuse

Back when movies were cultural touchstones made for adults, they were not as heavily merchandised as they are today. A soundtrack album may have been released and a paperback novelization would be on a shelves in bookstores, and that was about it. Other products such as the iron-on tee-shirt decal pictured above was the product of smaller, cottage operators who didn’t necessarily go to the expense of officially licensing a property, but still wanted to cash in on a current craze.

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Cowboy Cookies

Cowboy Cookies are a combo of two classic cookies – chocolate chip and oatmeal, all rolled into one cookie, and they’re delicious!  Continue reading

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Halloween in the Neighborhood


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Skull Mural on League Street


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Fat Sacks of CASH

Apparently,  some time around the middle of the twentieth century this fellow was making FAT SACKS OF CASH selling America’s Greatest Family Newspaper GRIT. At least that was the potential promise to young entrepreneurs willing to sell this weekly publication to it’s rural target audience. A seller could rake in a nickel for each sold copy or choose prizes such as cameras, watches, sports equipment and other things boys like. Continue reading

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Chocolate Cake with Fudgy Chocolate Frosting

I celebrated a birthday over the weekend with this killer chocolate cake and fudge frosting. This cake definitely helps to ease you into being another year older!  Continue reading

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These gorgeous Dahlias were given to me by our lovely neighbors from their garden. The husband is a painter, who grows them to use in his paintings.

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