First Library Card

Kindergarteners at Philadelphia’s Southwark School get their first library card.

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Dom’s Shoe Repair

A magnificent sign located at 13th and Tasker in South Philadelphia.

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Cream Cheese Apple Cake

This apple cake certainly isn’t much to look at, but in the taste department, it’s Miss Universe! It’s studded with apples with a fine crumb, moist – thanks to the cream cheese, crowned with the perfect amount of brown sugar and cinnamon. It’s my new go-to apple cake!  Continue reading

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Derwent Dark Wash Pencil on Cheap Sketchbook

Lately, I’ve been curling up on the couch, partially watching television and doodling in a cheap sketchbook with Derwent Dark Wash Pencils and some of the other booty I ordered from JetPens. It’s hardly an optimal drawing arrangement — the light is bad, and I’m not seated before an easel or drafting table, but I’m having fun.

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Coconut Cream Pie

I wanted to make dessert for Valentine’s Day dinner last night. Being short on time, I skipped the traditional pie crust for a store bought graham cracker crust, and frozen whipped topping instead of whipping heavy cream. Despite the shortcuts, the end result was tasty, my Valentines approved!  Continue reading

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Intercepted Valentine

Above is this year’s Valentine to the Missus. I didn’t have a firm idea, but just went where my pencils and pens took me.

I think I need help.

Scanned ink drawing colored in Affinity Photo.

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Be Mine!

23rd in a series of Valentines for my boyfriend/husband. They’re the same person, by the way – just thought I should clear that up! Happy Valentine’s Day, dear Joe!!!


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Talluto’s Turns Fifty!

Talluto’s, the undisputed king of marinated mozzarella, are celebrating 50 years in the business of making great pasta! Pictured is Dave Brown, long time employee and manager of the store on 9th & Carpenter Streets in the Italian Market. Happy anniversary Talluto’s – many more to come!

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Return of the Atomic Warrior

An old friend returned for a visit via the pages of a cheap sketchbook (which I will review once I finish it off.) I was playing with a water soluble Derwent Dark Wash pencil which I bought a while back and never did much with and paired it with an Aquash Water Brush which is a water color brush filled with water. I started doodling and the Atomic Warrior started to appear.

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Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and I can’t think of a better way to say “I dig you”, than baking a batch of these big, soft, chocolate chip cherry cookies for your significant other. No significant other? No problem! Make ’em anyway and share them with the mailman or your neighbors – just be sure to set aside a few for yourself!  Continue reading

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The Soda Jerk

Today’s collage is aimed at The City of Brotherly Love’s mayor,  and his recent imposition of a sugary drink tax.



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Celebrity Bowling

In my attempt to chart the uncharted wilds of the Roku box, I believe I have uncovered my absolute favorite, oddball, third-party, free channel!

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Buttermilk Blueberry Muffins

Sunday is kind of a “get ready for the upcoming week” day. There’s grocery shopping, laundry, and baking something in case someone lingers in bed a little too long to have a proper breakfast.

The addition of buttermilk along with the lemon zest gives the muffins a tangy flavor while adding very little fat. Buttermilk also helps tenderize the gluten in the batter, giving baked goods a softer texture. These are definitely worth dragging out the muffin tins for!

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