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Basking in the Sunny Spot

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Happy Birthday, Tina! 2018 Edition

Being that Tina’s birthday comes in October, I usually get a jump on Halloween by giving her card the theme of the season. Here is our dear cat Plywood as the undead count from Transylvania.

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Last Day of September

Plywood is enjoying an open window while the mild weather lasts.

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The Cat Requires My Attention

Plywood the cat decided to use my sketchbook as a pillow. Okay, you have my attention.

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Intercepted Valentine

Above is this year’s Valentine to the Missus. I didn’t have a firm idea, but just went where my pencils and pens took me. I think I need help. Scanned ink drawing colored in Affinity Photo.

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’til the Real Thing Comes Along

This year’s birthday card for the lovely Tina features the fabulous feline Plywood in a photo collage cobbled together in the astounding Affinity Photo. Happy birthday, Tina!

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Laundry Basket Cat

Laundry Basket Cat by Tina Garceau

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Sunday Matinee – The Atomic Brain

This film which was also known as Monstrosity is an utter piece of crap, but it’s one of those things that I saw on Dr. Shock when I was in grade school, and it remained lodged in some dusty corner … Continue reading

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