The Great Ravioli Experiment

I’ve wanted to try my hand at making ravioli for some time now. In the past I’ve experimented making pasta with my new-to-me pasta maker. My fettucini and lasagna were successful, so it was time to move up the pasta chain.

I consulted with my neighbor Arlene who advised to add one egg to a pound of ricotta cheese for the filling. I rolled out two sheets of pasta and scooped out a tablespoon of cheese leaving approximately and inch and a half space in between. I lightly brushed the dough with water, and added the second sheet of pasta. Okay – this is very important – make sure you press out any pockets of air before sealing the dough or they will explode during the cooking process! After the air pockets are out, press down around the ricotta to seal, cut with a cookie cutter and place on a tray dusted with semolina flour.

At this point you can cook the ravioli or freeze them for later. If you’re going to cook them, my friend John advised to let the ravioli chill in the fridge for a bit and to gently place them in lightly, not rolling, boiling water. Mine took about 5 minutes to cook, although the time may vary depending on how thin or thick your dough is – so watch them carefully!

To freeze – line a cookie sheet with wax or parchment paper sprinkled with semolina flour, place ravioli on tray, and freeze for several hours. When the ravioli are frozen, you can transfer them to a container or a freezer bag.

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