The Truck Mascot Two-Fer or Halloween Ain’t Over

I haven’t seen a proper example of a truck mascot (i.e., a discarded stuffed animal or toy lashed to the grill of a large truck) in quite a while. I’ve had to settle for stuffed animals attached to pickup trucks which I don’t believe to be in the true spirit of the idea of truck mascots. I always thought that Truck Mascots would be a great blog item sort of like the found photographs phenomena, but I was seeing fewer and fewer truck mascots. I was putting the category back in a dusty corner of the server and was in the process of forgetting about it when my faith was renewed!

Truck Mascot Two-FerI saw this commercial trash hauler pull up to a light on South 11th Street, and sure enough, the drivers were truck mascot enthusiasts! They had adorned the grill of their vehicle with what looked like recently discarded and fairly clean Halloween decorations. When I saw the skeletal pirate and zombie lashed to the grill with a bungee cord, I madly fumbled for my camera. The truck was stopped at a red light, and I only had time to squeeze off the single shot. Fortunately, it was a halfway decent shot.

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