$8.00 Adonis

COMICS-HEAD8-dollar-adonisWho knew that perfection was available for less than ten American dollars?

This man is what they would describe as cruelly handsome in the pulps. He has a  sinister look about his eyes. He’s an irresistible slab of steel-muscled manliness. Men fear him and women lose all control in his presence He’s dashing, debonair and devastating, and it’s all thanks to the miracle of incredibly lifelike modacrylic fiber!

Mans_wigLet the suckers pay $50 for a hairpiece that looks like a drowned cat. $8.00 is all this man’s man needs and he’ll have plenty of dough left over to wine and dine the dames.

This ad appeared in Captain America No. 164 published by Marvel Comics in 1973. It featured the Captain’s trusty second banana The Falcon who will figure in the future Captain America movies.

CA-No-164Falcon was Robin to Captain America’s Batman but so much cooler than the Boy Wonder although it looks as if Cap’s high-flying pal has fallen prey to the fatally honest Queen of the Werewolves!

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2 Responses to $8.00 Adonis

  1. Don DeLorme says:

    Dramatic drum roll build up then STOP! …. and fade to black.

  2. Tina says:

    Or fade to Off Black or Chestnut Dark!

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