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Gone and Already Forgotten

Another cheap sketchbook has bitten the dust. It wasn’t a terrible sketchbook, and I would probably pick up another one if it was on sale, but it contained none of the magic of the improbable Sketchbook from Heaven. For reasons … Continue reading

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Family Photo Restoration

Slowly but surely, I’ve been scanning old family photos and restoring them. Judging from the style of the clothing, this portrait looks like it was taken in the teens. Also interesting is the woman on the left, who is wearing … Continue reading

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Ten Years Ago Today!

Willceau Illo News is TEN YEARS OLD today!

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Feline Friday

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Backstage at The Walnut Street Theater

Walking home from an appointment yesterday, the side doors of The Walnut Street Theater were open, and I snapped this photo. The Walnut Street Theater is one of Philadelphia’s long standing gems. It was founded in 1809, originally going by … Continue reading

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