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I did an inventory of my cupboards yesterday, and decided that the half bag of butterscotch chips would be perfect for a pan of blondies.

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Sage Advice

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Feline Friday

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Keeping Busy

In light of everything that’s going on, I find it therapeutic to do something simple like chopping vegetables for a stir-fry. Other activities including knitting new dishcloths and making cupcakes with The Boy. On the to-do list today is sewing … Continue reading

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Jefferson Square

Spring has not completely sprung, and the trees are still bare and looking a lot more Halloween than Easter. I pushed the spookiness of the scene a bit with Affinity Photo.

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Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Since we’ve been hanging around the old homestead so much these days, we’re looking to be productive – we made muffins with the spotted bananas in the fruit bowl that no one wants to eat. It lessens the guilt for … Continue reading

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Is it safe?

Apparently not. Spotted on Ellsworth Street in South Philadelphia.

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