Gumball Gangsters

Luigi the Waiter – “Palermo Family Pizza” worker

While cleaning out a drawer, we found a number of small plastic figurines we bought from gumball machines at our local supermarket more than twenty years ago. We had forgotten all about these until our recent rediscovery. After some research, it turned out that these guys were known as The Palermos.

According to Wikipedia:

The Palermos are a series of two-inch plastic collectible figurines created by David Gonzales. Representing an Italian American family and their associates, the Palermos debuted in 2004 as a spin-off of Gonzales’ Homies figures.

In their fictional world, the Palermo family was once one of New York’s most powerful Mafia groups. Trying to “go straight,” they have established a family-run pizza restaurant.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Those are neat!

  2. Tina Garceau says:

    Stay tuned, there are more to come!

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