The Wonder of White Bread

This was another cartoon spot illustration that I did for The Philadelphia Daily News as part of “The Secret Life of Food.” It ran with the shivering banana that I featured here at Willceau Illo News recently. Similar to the banana, the black ink was shot as a photostat on clear film and the color was a combination of thick gouache painted on the reverse of the film and cut paper glued to the illustration board underneath. It was all analog work because I had yet to purchase my first Macintosh computer.

“The Secret Life of Food” was an article covering the legends, rumors and old wives’ tales about food and whether they were true or not. For instance, whether consumers should or shouldn’t refrigerate bananas. The muscle bound loaf above was about popular bread brand infusing their loaves with vitamins and nutrients making it more appealing to the mothers of America.

The article ran in the August 28, 1996 edition of the paper. I would have included the tear sheet, but inexplicably the above illustration was printed in black and white. I assume it was bad planning on the part of the paper’s layout artists. The article continued to a page that was black ink only. Oh, well. I got paid for color, and that’s what I gave them.

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