Could This Sketchbook Be The One?

Tina snagged me this cheap sketchbook meant for kiddies along with another one that had a disgustingly whimsical Christmas llama on the cover five years ago in what was hoped to be a replacement for the mysterious, blank-covered Sketchbook from Heaven. I started with the llama book which wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as magical as that earlier book. I decided to put the glow-in-the-dark Out of This World sketchbook away and only pulled it out to use recently.

Could this be the one?

I don’t want to jinx myself and declare this sketchbook as Heavenly as I have only just started it, but there is a nice, familiar feeling as I hunker down on the couch taking in the werewolf film oevure of Paul Naschy on TubiTV and tormenting its inexpensive pages with media it was never meant to take. The paper is thin and starting to yellow around the edges, but what can you expect for less than 3¢ a sheet? It’s fun, and I’m having a good time particularly with the Naschy flicks. The later movies are not half bad, and I’m chasing down the whole El Hombre Lobo series. They are the perfect accompaniment to trash drawing.

Speaking of which:

It’s too early to tell, but if I burn through this sketchbook and suffer pangs of loss when it is done, I’ll know that I have another Sketchbook From Heaven. If not, at least this one glows in the dark!

I will certainly be checking out Target around the Christmas season to stock up should the juvenile sketchbooks return. Sorry, kids. Stocking stuffer denied!

As a bonus, here is the finished Halloween costume that I was sketching:

Monster 2022

The Lurking Fear

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Very nice on both counts!!!

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