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Sketchbook from Heaven • 1/22/2017 – 5/7/2017

Usually when I finish off a sketchbook, I have either a feeling of accomplishment because I’ve managed a few competent scribbles within or relief in that I finally put an especially irritating pad that I made the mistake of purchasing … Continue reading

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You’ll Never Get to Heaven If You Break My Heart

After crowing about my new, favorite sketchbook recently, I decided to look for more of the same since I was tearing through the current one at a rapid clip. I looked at the websites of online as well as brick-and-mortar … Continue reading

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Over It Already?

I spotted this yesterday, the day after Christmas, on Washington Avenue. Apparently, these folks have had enough of the Yuletide season and couldn’t wait to de-decorate. Couldn’t hold off ’til New Years?

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Have Yourself a Merry Little Truck Mascot

While this may not count as a true Truck Mascot being that the vehicle is not a truck but a school bus, I feel it’s close enough. It is mostly a big International truck adapted to haul kids off to … Continue reading

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Holiday Fatigue

Somewhere at the end of the ’80s I started dating a girl just after the holidays. I sketched out this little cartoon combining Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter for her as a gag greeting card.

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Merry Christmas!

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Pear Cranberry Pie

It’s crunch time – I’m finished up with work, there’s an overflowing hamper, gifts to wrap, and my house looks like a cyclone hit it. But it’s okay because the tree is up, and there’s pie – and pie makes … Continue reading

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City Hall

Walking home from work last night, I was waiting for the light to change and noticed how stunning City Hall looked lit up, and the reflection the street lights had on the rain drenched street. Despite the balmy temperatures and lack of … Continue reading

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Urban Santa

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With the holidays approaching, I’ve beginning to stockpile cookie dough for the freezer. I pick one afternoon – crank up the Frank, Ella, Perry, and Esquivel holiday music and bake like a lunatic. I’ve never made rugelach before, so I … Continue reading

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Christmas in South Philadelphia

…about 50 years ago. My Dad must have stayed up late getting everything in place. It’s the early 1960s. My stocking is on the end. No stocking for my younger brother who hadn’t shown up yet. I was the baby.

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I don’t have a specifically Christmas themed glass negative from John Capewell, but this one with a child, a canine playmate and a toy wagon will have to do. This looks to be Capewell’s younger son Henry with the family … Continue reading

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It’s April 30th

…it may be time to take those Christmas decorations down.

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The Little Christmas Card That Never Was

Sometimes your first idea isn’t necessarily your best…

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