Back In Class


Last week, I was summoned back into the classroom by my son’s teacher for help with a project for Mother’s Day. I thought it would be fun to faux finish jewelry boxes with the kids, and the results were spectacular!


We began by having them paint the boxes with a base coat of brown acrylic paint. When it was dry, a coat of white school glue was applied. When the glue began to get tacky – a contrasting coat of paint was brushed over the glue.


I was thrilled at the outcome – each box was totally unique, the textures they produced were gorgeous!


We also made simple brooches to put in the jewelry boxes – using wooden disks with patterned paper and fabric scraps.

If you’re interested in the faux finishing process, there’s a tutorial here.


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2 Responses to Back In Class

  1. Lynne says:

    I think this is spectacular! Love the boxes and the idea to make another special piece for the inside is an added pleasure. Great job teach.

  2. Tina says:

    Thanks Lynne!
    The idea for the brooch was kind of like the old wives tale that it’s bad luck to give someone an empty wallet.

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