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Venison Gives Me Gas

Generally, Truck Mascots are stuffed toys or animals discarded by their original owners and lashed to the grills of mainly commercial trucks sort of like flying maidens on ships of old. The driver of this Philadelphia Gas Works truck opted … Continue reading

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Superior Ravioli

One of my stops on a Sunday morning.

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Friday Five – Number Forty Three

Forty third in a series creating a collage using five elements.

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Westville’s Independent Fire Company

This week I am posting three glass negatives shot by John B Capewell of Westville, New Jersey. The shots are of the Independent Fire Company and are so similar I figured I would roll them all together into this one … Continue reading

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M&M Cookies

M&M cookies are a classic. I haven’t made them in a while, so when the temperature dropped the other day, I grabbed a mixing bowl and fired up the oven. Post pool, the boy needs something to snack on after … Continue reading

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Mini-Paul McCartney Meets Richard Nixon

Only it’s not really Paul McCartney. It is Richard Nixon, however.

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Hey Mom, What’s For Dinner?

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Collecting Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes

I love these Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes. And what’s not to love? They come in cheery, primary colors, have clear lids so you can see your leftovers, they stack, and can be used in the oven! These are from the 502 … Continue reading

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Women & Children

Here’s another glass negative that looks like it is related to the negatives I’ve run over the past two weeks. This one is out of focus and a little worse for wear, but I intend on running all of John … Continue reading

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More Earrings

What can I say? I get easily bored with my accessories. When I glance in my jewelry box and roll my eyes, I know it’s time to make a few new things. It’s why I could never get a tattoo … Continue reading

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